The Art of William Woodward

Fauquier Citizen – An Artist, An Anachronism and A Charismatic Teacher

“William Woodward: An Artist, An Anachronism and A Charismatic Teacher”

Mary Beth Martin for The Fauquier Citizen (October 2000)

Selected quotes:

“Light and movement seem to dance across the 21 paintings in his show opening Saturday, Oct. 21, and running for two weeks at the Francisco Marin Price Gallery in Chevy Chase, Md.”

“[Francisco Marin Price] Gallery owner Francisco Price praises Mr. Woodward’s work as “incredibly creative and technically perfect.”

“Since 1963, unless he had a large commission to complete, Mr. Woodward has spent the summer months painting on the coasts of Brittany.

“At 13, he took art lessons at the Abbott School in Washington. As a youth, the Prince Valiant comic strip inspired him with its draftsmanship. Norman Rockwell and Picasso caught his eye as well. His talent earned him a scholarship to American University, and he went on to teach at St. Albans, where Al Gore studied as one of his students.

Mr. Woodward, who started the art department at GW [George Washington University], now heads the fine arts department.”

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